[yocto] Read-only filesystems: Move directory to RW directory and symlink back

Timothy Froehlich tfroehlich at archsys.io
Tue Mar 26 13:54:20 PDT 2019

Is there a recommended way of doing this? Right now I have a
ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_CMD that moves the directories and symlinks them back,
but I'm not sure if I'm doing it exactly right or if there's something

The function just does a bunch of this:
    install -d ${D}/${persist_dir}

    mv ${D}/${ORIG} ${D}/${persist_dir}/${LINKNAME}
    ln -sr ${D}/${persist_dir}/${LINKNAME} ${D}/${ORIG}

Tim Froehlich
Embedded Linux Engineer
tfroehlich at archsys.io
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