[yocto] Auto-clean deployed images/output files generated in a class

Ken Sloat KSloat at aampglobal.com
Mon Mar 18 12:52:49 PDT 2019


I am writing a custom bitbake class in order to generate a custom compound image for my project. This class gets inherited by my normal image recipe for my project. I am running Sumo. In my class, I simply write a task in python and add the task via the normal "addtask" method.  My task runs ok, it generates the image I need and puts it in the deploy directory .

What I want to happen, is for the image (or any files I create in the deploy directory for that matter) to be deleted whenever I run the clean command for the image that inherits this class. I know I could probably define a clean_append function or something, but it seems that there is some way to set this up to happen automatically.

I am following this class as an example:

and going through the code there, I don't really understand what statements cause the generated image file to be deleted, however, if I inherit that class, and build my image, it generates a custom image, and upon cleaning, it does indeed delete the generated image. If I could understand what makes this happen, then I would be able to do this in my image as well.

Ken Sloat
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