[yocto] using git am to apply git patch in the workdir of any package+

Pandey, Kamal Kamal.Pandey at ifm.com
Wed Mar 6 06:14:09 PST 2019

I am trying to modify the src code of a package named say x,
For this I type the command $bitbake x -c devshell.
This leads me to the git repo of the x package(if it is a git repo).
Now I do my changes, commit the changes, and create a patch out of it using git format-patch.
Now I want this git patch to be applied via git am  whenever I run bitbake x.
In some packages the patch is applied via git am for example linux-yocto-%.bb, but in some cases the patch is not being applied via git am for example u-boot%.bb
Is there any setting in bitbake to apply git patches via git am so that it is easy to modify the older patches via rebase commands, or we have to create new patch every time for a small change and the later patches will have dependency on older patches.

Best Regards
Kamal Pandey
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