[yocto] QEMU Raspberry Pi 2 machine

Jean-Christian de Rivaz jcdr at innodelec.ch
Mon Feb 18 10:56:33 PST 2019

Hi Alex,

Yes, this is what I was forced to do anyway because I discovered in the
meantime that my modified qemuarm.conf don't yield a working emulator.
The idea was to make an automatic image validation of the client's
applications before sending the image to the testing lab and real hardware.

Thanks for the advise.

Le 18.02.19 à 19:50, Alexander Kanavin a écrit :
> You can just use a qemux86-64 target, which is much faster because it
> executes directly on the hardware. What's the need to emulate
> specifically arm?
> Alex
> On Mon, 18 Feb 2019 at 19:34, Jean-Christian de Rivaz
> <jean-christian.derivaz at innodelec.ch> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The chromium-x11 browser can't be compiled for the qemuarm machine because it use the old ARM926 processor. I have modified the qemuarm.conf file  inside poky/meta/conf/machine/ to add
>> DEFAULTTUNE ?= "cortexa7thf-neon-vfpv4"
>> require conf/machine/include/tune-cortexa7.inc
>> But I want to avoid patching files of the poky project. Is there a proper way to add a QEMU Raspberry Pi 2 target like qemuraspi2 for example ? It look like many recipe files contains specific part for qemuarm so I wonder if adding a new QEMU machine it a simple enough task.
>> Best Regards,
>> Jean-Christian de Rivaz
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