[yocto] Managing multiple builds

Timothy Froehlich tfroehlich at archsys.io
Wed Feb 13 16:34:24 PST 2019

Hi, I've been struggling a bit with this question. I want to use Yocto to
build two+ products with separate dev/prod images for each (dev including
debug-tweaks, etc.). I've ruled out separate image recipes because my dev
builds need ENABLE_UART on my RaspberryPi and that needs to be set at the
conf level (I've got it set conditionally in my base dist conf).
Multiconfig looked promising, but I'm not happy about how long the parsing
takes to start a build. "--postread" looked nice, but I've barely seen it
mentioned so I'm worried that it's not well supported.

Basically, what do most people do for controlling their builds?
Tim Froehlich
Embedded Linux Engineer
tfroehlich at archsys.io
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