[yocto] the current dev manual seems to overly emphasize the importance of meta-intel

Rifenbark, Scott M scott.m.rifenbark at intel.com
Mon Nov 11 07:54:32 PST 2013


You might imply these things reading this and you might not.  The opening sentence about the layer "meta-intel" being maintained in its own separate Git repository is factual and can stand on its own arguably with no implications that there is anything "magical" about it. 

The second point's implication is more valid.  You could read into this sentence that one must have a clone of this repository in order to get started with BSPs, which is not true.  I can update that paragraph to give the true value of having that local repo, which is to possibly use them as templates or base BSPs when creating your own.  I have reworded that particular sentence to "Using Git to create a local clone of the upstream repository can be helpful if you are working with BSPs."  

Note that I am applying this change to "latest" only.


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>  perusing the current dev manual and it reads:
>"Supported Board Support Packages (BSPs): The Yocto Project provides a layer
>called meta-intel and it is maintained in its own separate Git repository..."
>  this wording *seems* to suggest there is something magical about the meta-
>intel layer as compared to the numerous other layers. in particular, this
>statement further down just adds to that impression:
>"To get started with the BSPs, you need to use Git to create a local clone of
>the upstream repository."
>  i see no problem with using the meta-intel layer as an *example* but that
>section should be reworded to not make the reader think that meta-intel is
>unique in some weird sense. just my $0.02.
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