[yocto] Confused which layers are needed for meta-intel/meta-crownbay

Felix01 Fischer felix01.fischer at iav.de
Tue May 14 00:22:53 PDT 2013


I'm currently trying to build a booting core-image-sato image with MACHINE 
?="crownbay". I'm using  poky 9.0.0 and meta-intel (dylan branch).

I've discovered something which confuses me:

First meta-intel/meta-crownbay/README states that it is to be used with 
the openembedded.org bitbake and openembedded-core layer (both on branch 
master). Isn't this opposite in using yocto (as both provide bitbake) ?

Second meta-intel/meta-crownbay/README.sources points to yocto-1.3 (Line 

Is it possible that these layers aren't ready for yocto 1.4 despite being 
packaged as "1.4-final", "1.4" and "danny-9.0.0"?

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