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Janez Svetokravsky janez.svetokravsky at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 04:37:23 PST 2018


I have just stumbled upon interesting problem, which i do not know how to
solve. I am using yocto to build image for ARM cortex-A9 CPU. default gcc
used is version 5.2

Beside ARM cortex-A9 there is cortex-m0plus chip, which is located on the
same board. From now on i will use abbreviations A9 and M0. Occasionally A9
is used to upgrade software on M0, therefor upgrade image for M0 is located
in rootfs which is accessed by A9. Until now, i used different
compiler/environment to compile firmware for M0 and afterwards copied M0
image to A9 rootfs.

I would like to move compiling of M0 firmware into yocto. gcc version used
for M0 firmware is different and must not be changed, same goes for A9. So
my question is: Is it possible to specify different version of gcc and
different architecture, for single yocto recipe?
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