[yocto-ab] YP Advisory Board: BytesAtWork for YP Participant

Philip Balister philip at balister.org
Thu Jun 26 14:00:25 PDT 2014

+1 for referencing the layer index!

Yes from OpenEmbedded.


On 06/26/2014 01:22 PM, Osier-mixon, Jeffrey wrote:
> BytesAtWork is a small Swiss consultancy using the Yocto Project in
> their business, and also promoting it within their community and
> partner networks. Their own description is below.
> Please vote yes/no by email for YP Participant status for BytesAtWork.
> thanks
> ___________________________
> Organization / project name: bytes at work AG
>      Contact name: Markus Kappeler
>      Contact email address: markus.kappeler at bytesatwork.ch
>      URL to organization or product link: http://www.bytesatwork.ch
> We're a startup company based in Switzerland with 5 engineers. My plan
> is to grow further, but ...
> We use Yocto on our eval-kit bytePANEL with our System on Module based
> on ARM Cortex-A8 AM335x to promote embedded Linux. In August we'll
> have our new system on module based on the ARM Cortex-A9 AM437x ready.
> We'll publish the receipts for this SoM too.
> Some of our customers plan to use yocto in there devices. So we'll
> provide long term support for them.
> Regarding the participation I'm open. My skills are more in the C/C++
> programming then in python.
> We published our layer under layers.openembedded.org.
> http://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/branch/master/layer/meta-bytesatwork/
> ___________________________
> Criteria:
>   - Visibly participating in the Yocto Project community. Please describeyour
> participation in the comments section below.: Yes
>   - Working towards and supporting the aims and objectives of the Yocto
> Project. These include decreasing the fragmentation of embedded ecosystem and
> focusing around a common shared set of tools, formats and best practices. We
> want to avoid multiple groups of people repeating the same work and have one
> set of great tools rather than multiple tools with drawbacks.: Yes
>   - Committed to promoting the OpenEmbedded architecture, layer model, andBSP
> format.: Yes
>   - Are all your publicly accessible layers listed in the OpenEmbedded Layers
> index (http://layers.openembedded.org)?: Yes
>   - Committed to sending to the open source community any patches to
> OpenEmbedded-Core, BitBake and other Yocto Project layers.: Yes
>   - Aiming for compatibility and interoperability among different metadata
> layers.: Yes
>   - Are a non-profit, small business (up to 80 employees), or existing Yocto
> Project member organization, or if the project's parent organization is an
> open-source project.: Yes
> Explanation:

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