[yocto-ab] Yocto Project Advisory Board: Minutes 31 July 2013

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Mon Aug 26 18:01:08 PDT 2013

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Yocto Project Advisory Board Meeting
31 July 2013

Michael Halstead, YP/LF
Daniel Stenberg, Enea
Philip Balister, OE
Lieu Ta, Wind River
Dave Stewart, Intel
Rudi Streif, LF
Bill Mills, TI
Jason Kridner, TI
Chris Hallinan, Mentor
Sean Hudson, Mentor
Steve Sakoman
Tracey Erway

Note: in these notes, speakers are identified by initials (e.g. JO or JO-M)

- Infrastructure proposal (Michael Halstead)

approaching bandwidth caps
recommending move to colo in Portland
keep autobuilders at OSU
6 carriers with excellent connectivity to EU etc
also separate autobuilder from service
NW area exchange network enables data movement
several quotes, best is 2k/mo for 100mb committed rate
burstable at same price 20/mbit with 6 carriers
can set where to stop the burst
sharing rack to save $
SS also check with xx in Vancouver BC
currently at 750/mo for osu
adding 2k/mo, big dif in service level
CH budget?
LT could afford, cut down on advocacy - down to 24k
TE danger of canceling dev day?
move web nodes we already have
prioritize above storage upgrade
budget similar next year

TE beware, advocacy budget is tiny
use imagination as to what happened to enable prior events
that is not an option any more
~> get budget figures from tracey

BM: suggest vote by email after more research
=> JO arrange vote

- Engineering update: web hob (Dave Stewart)

hired Tobias & Tobias, great value
first features
irc channel & mailing list
midway on 1.5 cycle
initiating discussion to change control board - feature check
talked about replacing sato with something else
(approached about wearable using sato)
thinking about different name: possibly "Toaster"

- ELDK mailing list

ELDK is a YP-based SDK from Denx
they have an email list for it they would like to list on our website
they are already YP Participants, no chance for becoming members
research more
worthwhile looking, but ask to apply for YP C
(note: they would require an exception, don't currently qualify)
wolfgang quoted as being very positive about YP
their product clearly says based on yocto
=> JO to ask them to apply for YP C - new policy?

- Gold & Silver memberships

gold/silver ranking on website?

PB need to design program so more people can participate financially

value of particpating
value of gold vs silver

value in showing that companies are not freeloaders
DS what's value of being an LF member?
use public broadcasting model

DS possibly start charging for devday

te: why do people join?
jk ti - had a role in validating yp and getting others to participate,
leverage all the time, letting people know we use it encourages others
want voice to be heard, because rely on it, want concerns noted, want
it to be successful
jo-what would make you join at gold today?

ch mentor - been shiping an oe based product longer than there has been a yp
when yp formed, natural fit, wanted to influence & derive benefit - obvious
need to say yp compatible - lots of traction with major semi manuf
voting is important, influence direction & features
marketing is important - having the badge

daniel - second that
value in saying part of yp worth a lot, possibly single most importnat thing
importnat to customers (ch agrees)
common theme is marketing,
idea for differ - release sponsorship, eg poky distro supported by x
=> discuss future

te: always marketed project generically, all archs etc, not supported
specific ab members in messaging
te: could do something differently
ch: potential benefit of gold
=> discuss future
ch: agree marketing important, top of list for differentiation to gold
te: have to create value in recognition factor, something industry can recognize
ch: has to be seen widely as a valuable entity
te: build gold member value

metnor still willing, just need traction - need to dig through archives
~> talk with beth about build stuff

social media

preferential access
  demos - prefer from gold
  logos -

SH: lf uses sponsorship modeulmore than membership model
  seem to be fighting own identity as open org (vs consortium)
trying to create value is one appraoc
encourage people to sponsor project, correlate btwl sponsorship and marketing

= also cover membership program

Lieu: vote by next week


- Finance update

projecting 155k for q2, did not meet
> please submit membership payments so we can finance things in the queue
updated finance page

- Events
   - LinuxCon
   - ELCE & DevDay

focus on events could be diff with gold v silver
good to settle on that & then look at program
have to clarify & cut budget
servers are huge piece
prospect of bringing ed &training matls up to date
had big call for labs, hands on
in presentation demo materials
looking for people to step up & be the experts
elce best audience hands-down
room filled, better than US

ch: advocacy meetings to focus on devday?
te: ready to start up
pb: how is linuxcon not colocated with elce schedule more difficult?
te: generally better
daniel: lots of overlap with other

fosdem not good marketing thing
embedded world, design west
- Online voting mechanism proposal

- Update on compliance form revisions


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