[meta-xilinx] load fpga bitstream in u-boot SPL on pyro

yohan.boyer at ioterop.com yohan.boyer at ioterop.com
Fri Oct 13 01:33:50 PDT 2017



I was upgrading my build from morty to pyro and I fall into an issue I

We discuss some day ago to read MAC address from I2C EEPROM attached via the

It seems it was not done by default on u-boot 2016.03, but ok in u-boot

So I'm now using u-boot 2017.01. The new build with pyro is now working.

But in morty, the fpga bitstream was loaded in u-boot SPL, before booting in
u-boot right ? But not in pyro ?

There is not the patch zynq-Add-fpga-support-to-u-boot-SPL.patch in pyro.


So my question is : Am I missing something ?

I think u-boot can't read the MAC address if the bitstream is not loaded
before u-boot try to read it.


Also, I find in pyro the uenv.txt is generated, very nice !

But in case the bitstream will be load in u-boot SPL, it will cause issue ?
Since the uenv.txt load it in u-boot.


Thanks for any tips !





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