[meta-xilinx] Add fsbl.elf in boot.bin

yohan.boyer at ioterop.com yohan.boyer at ioterop.com
Thu Oct 12 01:51:14 PDT 2017

>>No need to call it, its already hooked up by default.


>>Make sure you have those config options (linked in my previous email) setup correctly for your target, as well as having the bitstream loaded and it should setup the mac address when u-boot probes the ethernet device.
>Ok I understand the flow. 
>Bitstream is loaded before u-boot for sure.
>Since I'm using the u-boot from meta-xilinx, I should have the config options set correctly right ?
>The only things I have to do actually is to attach correctly a PS i2c to EMIO, then to pin N18 and N17 on zybo ?
>I will check this part tonigh !

Actually, looking into u-boot_2016.03 (this is this uboot version in morty by default right ?) it seems the zynq_zybo.h is different.

And the commit in poky for u-boot point to this revision df61a74e6845ec9bdcdd48d2aff5e9c2c6debeaa.
So I need to upgrade the revision I guess. 
Maybe the best things to do is to upgrade my build from morty to pyro . It uses the new u-boot version 2017.01.
I'll try it I think.


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