[meta-xilinx] Add fsbl.elf in boot.bin

yohan.boyer at ioterop.com yohan.boyer at ioterop.com
Tue Oct 10 07:52:13 PDT 2017

Hello ,


I'm working on zybo board, with meta-xilinx (morty) + my own layer to use my
own design.

I wonder to have unique MAC address on each board. There is a register with
unique MAC address on each zybo. My wish is to read this address before boot
in u-boot, and so have this address set in u-boot, then in kernel.

I'm not sure to know how to do that, I think I need to read it in fsbl with
fsbl_hook ? 

So I'll have a fsbl.elf, but is there an easy way to add this .elf to
boot.bin set in meta-xilinx ?

What I understood from meta-xilinx is : we include the u-boot.elf through
SPL_BINARY into boot.bin ? How can I add also my fsbl.elf ?


I've also seen this topic :

But it seems it uses meta-xilinx-tools layer. Does I really need to use it,
or there is an other way, I mean, other way than generated the full boot.bin
from SDK (is this way correct ?) ?


Then, once I have this MAC address, how can I set it into uboot, then into
kernel ?


Any tips would be appreciated thanks, and fell free to correct me if I'm
wrong ! :)


Best regards,



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