[meta-xilinx] meta-xilinx device-tree recipe on master / yocto pyro

Holden.Sandlar at ultra-fei.com Holden.Sandlar at ultra-fei.com
Thu Oct 5 06:44:25 PDT 2017

Hi Peter,

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has run into this issue. I am 
considering reverting a couple of patches to move back to having the 
recipe directly point out the dts in the kernel sources instead of relying 
on the kernel's do_shared_workdir task. I haven't tried building 
everything with just meta-xilinx, but I did quickly try to remove 
meta-xilinx-tools from my bblayers and build the device-tree recipe, 
resulting in this error --

ERROR: ParseError at 
Could not inherit file classes/xsct-tc.bbclass

For the moment I'll probably either revert the relevant commits as I 
mentioned or duplicate the device tree sources into my local/custom 
meta-layer as you mention. I would definitely like to know how to resolve 
this issue though as intended for my own education on the xilinx recipes 
and yocto build system.


From:   Peter Smith <salerio at gmail.com>
To:     Holden.Sandlar at ultra-fei.com
Cc:     meta-xilinx at yoctoproject.org
Date:   10/05/2017 03:30 AM
Subject:        Re: [meta-xilinx] meta-xilinx device-tree recipe on master 
/ yocto pyro

I had the exact same problem yesterday. I have yet to look into it, but 
what you are suggesting seems to be the case for me too.

Out of interest have you tried building the zcu102-zynqmp machine with 
just the meta-xilinx (and poky) layers to see if that works as expected? 
In my case.

I have a layer on top of these two where I have a customised .dts file and 
recipes-kernel/linux linux-xlnx_%.bbappend file. To get around the problem 
I temporarily duplicated by device tree file.

Best Regards

On 4 October 2017 at 22:34, <Holden.Sandlar at ultra-fei.com> wrote:
Hi all, 

I'm hoping this is a quick and easy issue someone already knows the answer 
to. I'm working with a ZCU102, using meta-petalinux, meta-xilinx, 
meta-xilinx-tools and bitbake/poky 1.34.0 -- both meta-xilinx and 
meta-xilinx-tools on the master branch and am having an issue with the 
meta-xilinx device-tree recipe. Just for quick and easy reference, the 
device-tree recipe is here: 

The issue that I'm running into is that when I run "bitbake device-tree" I 
get an error that there are no dts files in the device-tree/1.0-r0 
directory. Full error shown below: 

ERROR: device-tree-1.0-r0 do_compile: Function failed: do_compile (log 
file is located at 

ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: 

Log data follows: 
| DEBUG: Executing shell function do_compile 

| gcc: error: 
No such file or directory 
| gcc: warning: ‘-x assembler-with-cpp’ after last input file has no 
| gcc: fatal error: no input files 
| compilation terminated. 
exit 4 from 'gcc -E -nostdinc -Ulinux -x assembler-with-cpp 
-o `basename ${DTS_FILE}`.pp ${DTS_FILE}' 
| ERROR: Function failed: do_compile (log file is located at 

ERROR: Task 
failed with exit code '1' 
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 534 tasks of which 464 didn't need to be 
rerun and 1 failed. 

Summary: 1 task failed: 

Summary: There were 5 WARNING messages shown. 
Summary: There was 1 ERROR message shown, returning a non-zero exit code. 

After reviewing the history on this recipe, it appears the recipe was 
restructured months ago to "Improve, clean up and remove 
MACHINE_DEVICETREE". Based on this commit, it appears the intent was to 
use the dts/dtsi files within the kernel sources as a base for generating 
a device tree. There was a line added to ensure that 
"virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir" is run prior to the device-tree recipe. 
My assumption is that the kernel recipe do_shared_workdir task is supposed 
to copy the selected machine's dts files into the shared workdir so they 
can be used by this device-tree recipe. However, this does not seem to 
happen in my case -- 

arch   COPYING  Documentation  fs       ipc      kernel       Makefile 
 README          scripts   tools 
block  CREDITS  drivers        include  Kbuild   lib          mm       
 REPORTING-BUGS  security  usr 
certs  crypto   firmware       init     Kconfig  MAINTAINERS  net       
samples         sound     virt 

Additionally, the device-tree recipe loops over any *.dts files in the 
${S} directory, which is mapped to ${WORKDIR} in this recipe (
). This loop will effectively do an ls in the 
build/tmp/work/zcu102_zynqmp-xilinx-linux/device-tree/1.0-r0 directory to 
check for any *.dts files. This directory definitely does not contain any 
dts files. 

I'm guessing I'm missing something small/simple here. Can anyone provide 
any guidance? 

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