[meta-xilinx] [PATCH 0/12] Updates and more!

Nathan Rossi nathan at nathanrossi.com
Mon May 15 05:59:48 PDT 2017

On 8 May 2017 at 00:07, Nathan Rossi <nathan at nathanrossi.com> wrote:
> This series primarily contains updates to the just released
> xilinx-v2017.1 versions of linux-xlnx, u-boot-xlnx and
> arm-trusted-firmware. This series does not remove the existing recipes
> for the last release of these components primarily due to the ZynqMP PMU
> Firmware requirement, but also to keep around support for some patches.
> Versions are pinned in their respective machine configs.
> Nathan Rossi (12):
>   u-boot-zynq-uenv.bb: Add recipe to generate uEnv.txt environment
>   u-boot-xlnx_2016.4.bb: Add provided ZynqMP platform init configs
>   linux/config: Add debug-dyndbg kernel feature fragment
>   qemu-xilinx-helper-native: Clean up preferred provider message
>   linux-xlnx: Add recipe for xilinx-v2017.1 release
>   u-boot-xlnx: Add recipe for xilinx-v2017.1 release
>   kc705-microblazeel: Pin to u-boot-xlnx at xilinx-v2016.4
>   arm-trusted-firmware: Split common build/config into include
>   arm-trusted-firmware_2016.3.bb: Rename the _git.bb to the actual
>     release
>   arm-trusted-firmware: Add recipe for xilinx-v2017.1 release
>   zcu102-zynqmp: Pin to pre-v2017.1 versions of kernel, u-boot and atf
>   machine-xilinx-default.inc: Remove version pinning for linux-xlnx

I've gone ahead and merged this series into master.


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