[meta-xilinx] Issue with boot.bin file for picozed

Alan Levy alan.levy at plextek.com
Fri May 12 00:46:49 PDT 2017

The morty branch of meta-xilinx creates a second file called “BOOT.bin” as well as “boot.bin” (this being Linux, case is significant in filenames); this is the file you need to use. You will also need to configure local.conf to set up the FSBL correctly (see http://www.wiki.xilinx.com/Using+meta-xilinx-tools+layer). What this web page doesn’t mention is that you need to add the following line:


Depending on what you are doing you may also need to configure u-boot (uEnv.txt) and devicetree to get the system to boot properly.
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I have been trying to get my PicoZed to boot off the SD card with yocto. I have been using the morty branch and the boot.bin file just cause the PS lights on the carrier board to blink red. I tried going back to the Jethro branch to see if the older branch made a difference and that branch's boot.bin file atleast sent the message "unsupported boot mode selected" to the console instead of the PS blinking. I was successful running yocto on my zedboard. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.

Thanks in advance,
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