[meta-xilinx] [PATCH 11/12] zcu102-zynqmp: Pin to pre-v2017.1 versions of kernel, u-boot and atf

Nathan Rossi nathan at nathanrossi.com
Mon May 8 18:34:51 PDT 2017

On 9 May 2017 at 03:48, Manjukumar Harthikote Matha
<manjukumar.harthikote-matha at xilinx.com> wrote:
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>> Subject: [meta-xilinx] [PATCH 11/12] zcu102-zynqmp: Pin to pre-v2017.1 versions of
>> kernel, u-boot and atf
>> Pin the versions of linux-xlnx, u-boot-xlnx and arm-trusted-firmware to the version
>> prior to xilinx-v2017.1. This is due to the added requirement of pmu-firmware for
>> xilinx-v2017.1. Currently it is not possible to boot the zcu102-zynqmp machine in
>> QEMU with the newer versions due to missing the pmu rom as well as the pmu
>> firmware itself.
>> Signed-off-by: Nathan Rossi <nathan at nathanrossi.com>
>> ---
>>  conf/machine/zcu102-zynqmp.conf | 6 ++++++
>>  1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)
>> diff --git a/conf/machine/zcu102-zynqmp.conf b/conf/machine/zcu102-
>> zynqmp.conf index 108a4ad813..72758d4213 100644
>> --- a/conf/machine/zcu102-zynqmp.conf
>> +++ b/conf/machine/zcu102-zynqmp.conf
>> @@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ KERNEL_DEVICETREE = "xilinx/zynqmp-zcu102-revB.dtb"
>>  PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-xlnx"
>>  PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader ?= "u-boot-xlnx"
>> +# pin zcu102 to the older versions of kernel, u-boot,
>> +arm-trusted-firmware due # to the pmu-firmware dependency with newer versions.
>> +PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-xlnx ?= "4.6-xilinx-v2016.4%"
>> +PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot-xlnx ?= "v2016.07-xilinx-v2016.4%"
>> +PREFERRED_VERSION_arm-trusted-firmware ?= "1.2-xilinx-v2016.3%"
>> +
> Hi Nathan,
> Currently pmu-firmware can be built using meta-xilinx-tools layer. Pinning versions of linux/u-boot/atf to older release versions is not the correct. With this patch, we are disabling many newer features and drivers introduced to support zynqmp platform in 2017.1 release.

As mentioned previously, adding meta-xilinx-tools is not an acceptable
dependency for meta-xilinx for a number of reasons (primary being
needing Xilinx Vivado/SDK installed).

Depending on meta-xilinx-tools/Xilinx SDK is not required as
pmu-firmware can be built within OE, I have already mentioned that I
have been working on patches to make this available
(https://github.com/nathanrossi/meta-xilinx/commits/nrossi/wip). They
are still a WIP though, but the intention is to have them working for
the pyro branch. Unfortunately Xilinx has not made it easy due to
keeping sources/etc under lock and key until just recently.

Pinning versions is perfectly acceptable, the goal though is not to be
stuck on them. The pinning can be removed once the issues are sorted
and everything is working at intended. Though there are a number of
issues to be resolved before zcu102-zynqmp can actually the newer

 * pmu firmware
 * pmu rom (for qemu)
 * qemu multi-arch setup and execution
 * mali-modules are broken for the 4.9 kernel

Also this version of the kernel was only just be tagged a few days ago
but hasn't changed in a while. I do not have any zynqmp hardware but
given the issues that users have been emailing about on this list it
sounds a lot like the pmu firmware introduction is/was causing
functional issues. I was not confident on setting the default version
to be a likely broken one (since I have not been able to even get a
functional boot with QEMU).


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