[meta-xilinx] [PATCH 5/5] device-tree/microzed-zynq7.dts: Replace with kernel source version

Nathan Rossi nathan at nathanrossi.com
Fri Mar 31 06:18:51 PDT 2017

On 24 March 2017 at 21:18, Nathan Rossi <nathan at nathanrossi.com> wrote:
> Replace the existing device tree content with the content of the
> zynq-microzed.dts from the kernel source. Specifically based on commit
> df2f3c48b9cd51e2612a1598342769d09d849f39.
> This resolves the issues with the ethernet phy as well as adding pinctrl
> for USB.
> Signed-off-by: Nathan Rossi <nathan at nathanrossi.com>

I have merged this series.

Also I backported this specific patch to morty as well, as discussed
in the other thread:


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