[meta-xilinx] failure : SD to u-boot SPL to u-boot on zcu102-zynqmp

Mike Looijmans mike.looijmans at topic.nl
Fri Mar 24 00:05:00 PDT 2017

On 24-03-17 02:07, Jean-Francois Dagenais wrote:
> Alright, I have some early signs of success.
> I dissected the problem I was having with my option 1. (today's masters on u-boot-xlnx and linux-xlnx) I have my prompt on the rootfs stored on part 2 of the SD card. Very basic sanity performed, need to go to bed now ;)
> Here are the mods I had to do:
> 1. first remove the pmufw version 0.3 check (if you are lucky, it won't matter too much??)

Or, since we're hacking pmufw anyway, just set PM_VERSION_MINOR to "3". That's 
that I just did.

Should yield the same effect, since the fw version isn't being used anyway in 
the kernel (and it's a really bad bad method to check on capabilities).

> 2. changed rev1.0_defconfig to remove a couple of things I don't use like ethernet and qspi

I have my own board, so I also have a completely different set...

> 3. from xilinx SDK, I extracted the pmufw and modified PmGetMmioAccess to always return true (permission granted).

Nice one!

>     (I don't remember the exact steps here, from the SDK, I had created a PMU FW build. In the build directory, all the sources were copied over. On a shell where settings64.sh is sourced, running "make" generates the "executable.elf" which can be converted to pmufw.bin using the toolchain's objcopy tool. I modified PmGetMmioAccess right in this build folder an ran make again. I think I will keep this pmufw.bin as a binary input for a while since it fits my needs for now.)
> 4. package (u-boot's mkimage) the pmufw.bin in the SPL bin by specifying CONFIG_PMUFW_INIT_FILE="board/xilinx/zynqmp/pmufw.bin"
> 5. messed around to make the u-boot default env "scripts" to fit the names of the dtb and kernel Image I also bundle on the SD card part 1.
> I think that's it. I'm tired. Just wanted to put the info out there before you guys in Europe wake up in the morning.
> We'll still have to work towards actually fixing meta-xilinx obviously. This info will at least unlock many of us.

Keep them coming, I like your style.

Kind regards,

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