[meta-xilinx] failure : SD to u-boot SPL to u-boot on zcu102-zynqmp

Jean-Francois Dagenais jeff.dagenais at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 07:24:36 PDT 2017

> On Mar 21, 2017, at 04:59, Michal Simek <michal.simek at xilinx.com> wrote:
> You need pmufw with configuration blob in it. Or pass it. This option is
> not supported now that's why it is not working.
I don't understand any of this... "configuration blob"? This is new to me.

> Not sure what's the plan to fix this.

Well, zcu102 may have worked for a while, but now this is totally broken in

> Right now I can run it because I have got some internal patches to
> include configuration blob for pmufw but not sure if/when this will be
> pushed out.

> It was my decision to check pmufw version because so many people were
> using older/ancient pmufw which missed a lot of important features
> that's why we enforced version checking.

If you were able to make things work with this check for >= 0.3, then you must
have it. Can you make it unofficially available somewhere? Or do we need some
sort of early-access license to access it. Because right now, as I said, this is
totally unusable.

> You should use fsbl which contain all stuff you need. SPL is not
> officially supported boot solution.
Problem with this is that FSBL requires Vivado and the licensing. These tools
don't integrate well in a CI build environment. Since they don't change often,
I'll probably have to go down that road for now. Can I get away with just
building FSBL (boot.bin) from the Vivado tools, integrate this file as a binary
asset in my sdcard, then jump to the u-boot.img built using yocto and

Thanks for your help guys. Hopefully we can improve the support in meta-xilinx
over time!

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