[meta-xilinx] Boot image on SD for ZCU102

Pello Heriz pello.heriz at alumni.mondragon.edu
Thu Mar 9 00:20:01 PST 2017


I need to make a bootable SD image in order to be able to test it on QEMU
as well as in the ZCU102 board.

I have compiled the core-image-minimal command successfully and I'm able to
run the image on QEMU using runqemu zcu102 command. Anyway, I need to
convert this image into a SD bootable image but I'm not shure how to do

I'm using the next pdf in order to create the bootable image.

In the page number 41, it says how to create the SD image (step 3). Anyway,
I don't know what I have to put after if=?? , this use to be a .img file,
but in the image compiled with Yocto there isn't any file with this
extension. Besides, there isn't also any boot.bin file, do I have to
replace this with u-boot.bin?? Finally, which is the .dtb file that I need
to use? I can see two different .dtb, one referring to HW and the other to
the image.

Looking forward to your answer,

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