[meta-xilinx] Issue on Morty Branch - 'Devtool modify virtual/kernel' fails to find files while creating workspace.

James Masco masco.james at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 12:11:46 PST 2017

Running 'devtool modify virtual/kernel' should provide a workspace in which
modifications can be made to the kernel source and generate patches from
those changes, however the linux-xlnx kernel recipe fails to create a valid

$ devtool modify virtual/kernel
Parsing recipes..done.
NOTE: Mapping virtual/kernel to linux-xlnx
Parsing recipes..done.
NOTE: Fetching linux-xlnx...
NOTE: Unpacking...
NOTE: Doing kernel checkout...
NOTE: Patching...
NOTE: Executing do_validate_branches...
NOTE: Executing do_kernel_metadata...
ERROR. input file "bsp/xilinx/soc/linux-xlnx/drivers/xilinx.scc" does not
ERROR: could not process input files:
       See /tmp/tmp.EytDZHqgX4 for details
ERROR: Could not generate configuration queue for zynq.
ERROR: Function failed: do_kernel_metadata

Seems the "linux-xlnx.inc" isn't including the full path to the
configuration files located in recipes-kernel/linux/config

- James Masco
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