[meta-xilinx] Building xen image on yocto

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Hi Pello,

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Subject: [meta-xilinx] Building xen image on yocto

Hi all,

is it necessary to add meta-petalinux layer to build a xen image for zcu102 board using Yocto?

I have read this information in the next link:

The think is that if I include this layer to my project, when I try bitbake, I get the next result:

I cannot see properly, the copied message. However I am thinking it saying some about qt5.
You will need meta-qt5 as well.
See the manifest file: https://github.com/Xilinx/yocto-manifests/tree/rel-v2016.4

If you don’t want these layers, you can also make the bbappend to warn only using BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY=”1”


[Txertatutako irudia 1]

What I have to do in order to solve the issue?


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