[meta-xilinx] gpio export from device tree

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In order to give userspace GPIOs sane names I use devicetree aliases which application code can access from /proc/device-tree/aliases. Each GPIO has an alias with a sensible name and the string I assign to it supplies the GPIO pin number and any other relevant info such as whether it's an input or an output and whether it's active high or active low.

This technique can also be used to tell application the base pin numbers for MIO/EMIO if you wish. 

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On 27-02-17 22:52, Jean-Francois Dagenais wrote:
> So my questions are:
> * which clause, if any, is proper in dts to export the GPIOs 
> preferably with names (like /sys/class/gpio/my_gpio_name_here). Do I 
> need to declare a new node which doesn’t bind to a diver for example…

There have been a number of proposals for this in the kernel, but they've all been rejected. The consensus seems to be that you should write a driver if you want to do this kind of thing in a portable way.

> * (this one may be quite available in the megabytes of documentation) how does the gpio numbers in the kernel map to MIOxx and EMIOxx numbers. If anyone could point at the right doc that would save me so much grief.

They map really weird yeah. Maybe it's on purpose to discourage using gpio from userspace...
Best solution I found was to open /sys/class/gpiochip*/name files and look for the zynq gpio controller, and then use that offset. On my current board the zynq GPIO starts at "906". With 54 MIO GPIO pins, the EMIO GPIO pins thus start at 960.

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