[meta-xilinx] microZed using meta-topic

Alan DuBoff aland at softorchestra.com
Sun Mar 23 19:07:19 PDT 2014

On Sat, March 1, 2014 12:59 am, Cjw X wrote:
> I'm hosting a design that uses ezynq and will build for the microzed right
> now.

I've followed the notes on the wiki:


But it doesn't build cleanly...the Xilinx u-boot-xlnx is always a problem for
me on all recipes, I am not sure why their git fails using the git protocol,
but succeeds with https. I've tried to change that in the recipe but it still
doesn't like using https...

So, I manually clone github.com/Xilinx/u-boot-xlnx inside the git directory
for u-boot-ezynq, but that doesn't work and I get a failure. When it goes to
configure, about the microzed, so my guess is the patches didn't succeed even
though they told me they did from bitbake.

I saw a comment on your blog, and I couldn't have said it better:

"In this post I write about our current development, my first experience with
Xilinx Zynq, and also try to summarize the 10+ years experience with Xilinx
FPGA devices. It is a mixture of the admiration for their state of the art
silicon devices and frustration caused by the software."

I could not over emphasize that last sentence if I wanted to... :-/

Anyone has any ideas as I continue to hack my way to a clean build using ezynq?

If I can get this built, I will just dump the Xilinx tools and be happy. That
is the root of all problems building zynq...


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