[meta-xilinx] microZed using meta-topic

Cjw X cjwfirmware at vxmdesign.com
Mon Mar 3 13:49:58 PST 2014

So, with my ezynq build, it will generate a boot.bin and u-boot.img.

u-boot.img is just basically the stock xilinx u-boot. It *should* have all
the same functionality as the the standard u-boot. So, u-boot will should
be able to boot the fpga. I haven't tested it yet. boot.bin just loads
whatever is called u-boot.img on the card though, so if you just clone the
stock u-boot from Xilinx's git, you can just run it on the board. Ezynq is
only absolutely necessary for the boot.bin file.

The nice thing about the ezynq build it it doesn't require any xilinx tools
(like EDK or anything). It treats the boards configuration separately from
the fpga application.

I personally always load the fpga from userspace in linux using the xdevcfg
driver. I've also been working on making it so I can configure the clocks
for the fpga from linux so I can know the os/bootloader is truely separate
from the hdl design.

As a side node, I know the FPGA clocks are configured inside the PS
registers. Does anyone else know what subsystems an fpga design might
depend on? I want to make sure that *any* arbitrary design will run in


On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 3:40 PM, Alan DuBoff <aland at softorchestra.com> wrote:

> On Sun, March 2, 2014 2:01 pm, Anders Berndtsson wrote:
> > Hi Alan
> >
> > I have included microzed in meta-xilinx which works stable with xlnx 3.10
> > kernel on rev C and F XC7Z010  microzed board.
> >
> > I using branch master.
> >
> > Place microzed.conf in the meta-xilinx/conf/machine directory
> >
> > Make a new directory "microzed" in meta-xilinx/conf/machine/boards and
> place
> > the microzed.dts file in it.
> >
> > Adjust the bootargs in the microzed.dts (I have reduced the ram size for
> > linux so I can use remaining ram as shared between PS and PL).
> >
> > ""bootargs = "console=ttyPS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw
> ip=
> > rootwait earlyprintk rootfstype=ext4 devtmpfs.mount=0 mem=510M";""
> >
> > I also had to change the clock frequency for the SD card (ps_sd_0:
> > ps7-sdio at e0100000) to 125000000 MHz to get the SDHC and SDHCI cards to
> work
> > properly.
> >
> > Set   MACHINE ?= "microzed"  in your local.conf  file and bitbake.
> Anders,
> So you are using the meta-xilinx layer, I will be looking at this sometime
> this week and deciding on which recipe I want to use. I'll be looking at
> meta-topic (my preference, given Mike's work), ezynq, and meta-xilinx.
> --
> Cheers,
> Alan
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