[meta-xilinx] microZed using meta-topic

Alan DuBoff aland at softorchestra.com
Mon Mar 3 12:40:21 PST 2014

On Sun, March 2, 2014 2:01 pm, Anders Berndtsson wrote:
> Hi Alan
> I have included microzed in meta-xilinx which works stable with xlnx 3.10
> kernel on rev C and F XC7Z010  microzed board.
> I using branch master.
> Place microzed.conf in the meta-xilinx/conf/machine directory
> Make a new directory "microzed" in meta-xilinx/conf/machine/boards and place
> the microzed.dts file in it.
> Adjust the bootargs in the microzed.dts (I have reduced the ram size for
> linux so I can use remaining ram as shared between PS and PL).
> ""bootargs = "console=ttyPS0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw ip=
> rootwait earlyprintk rootfstype=ext4 devtmpfs.mount=0 mem=510M";""
> I also had to change the clock frequency for the SD card (ps_sd_0:
> ps7-sdio at e0100000) to 125000000 MHz to get the SDHC and SDHCI cards to work
> properly.
> Set   MACHINE ?= "microzed"  in your local.conf  file and bitbake.


So you are using the meta-xilinx layer, I will be looking at this sometime
this week and deciding on which recipe I want to use. I'll be looking at
meta-topic (my preference, given Mike's work), ezynq, and meta-xilinx.


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