[meta-xilinx] Kernel config fragment problem still persists in Daisy

Martin Townsend martin.townsend at xsilon.com
Fri Jul 4 03:18:40 PDT 2014

Hi Nathan,

I set the LINUX_VERSION in my bb file to:

The logs were showing the correct defconfig being applied, execept it 
wasn't being used as the base config.
I've hacked the find_config_fragments for the moment so it does 2 loops 
through the 'sources' array.  I'll try and get some time to look deep 
into bitbake to see what's going on and why the defconfig doesn't end up 
at the beginning of the 'sources' array.

Best Regards,

On 04/07/14 07:34, Nathan Rossi wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> I've just updated to the daisy branch and I'm still seeing problems with
>> kernel config fragments being applied incorrectly, in that it doesn't
>> use the defconfig as the base.  I had to put my hack in place to get it
>> to work.
>> I updated my conf directory to use the new directory structure and
>> rename the defconfig files to defconfig_3.15.cfg.
> Have you added your own 3.15 kernel? Does it set "LINUX_VERSION" properly?
>> I aded the following line to my config
>> # Architecture specific kernel configuration parts, defconfigs for
>> Xilinx architectures
>> MACHINE_KCONFIG_prepend +=
>> "common/linux/${SOC_FAMILY}/defconfig_${@'.'.join(d.getVar('LINUX_VERSION'
>> ,
>> True).split('.')[0:2]).strip('+')}.cfg "
> It will add the file "defconfig_*.cfg" based on the kernel version you are currently using. So if you have added a 3.15 kernel recipe but it still has the "LINUX_VERSION" set to 3.14 or 3.14+ or something, then it will pick the 3.14 config instead of the 3.15. Check to make sure that the LINUX_VERSION variable is set as expected.
> Alternatively you can just define your own MACHINE_KCONFIG completely and avoid using the machine-xilinx-default include. As you will most likely have your own settings for most of the variables it sets.
> Regards,
> Nathan
>> But the python function find_config_fragments doesn't process the
>> defconfig as the first file.
>> Is there something I'm missing?
>> Best Regards,
>> Martin.
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