[meta-xilinx] Kernel config fragment problem still persists in Daisy

Nathan Rossi nathan.rossi at xilinx.com
Thu Jul 3 23:34:42 PDT 2014

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> Hi,
> I've just updated to the daisy branch and I'm still seeing problems with
> kernel config fragments being applied incorrectly, in that it doesn't
> use the defconfig as the base.  I had to put my hack in place to get it
> to work.
> I updated my conf directory to use the new directory structure and
> rename the defconfig files to defconfig_3.15.cfg.

Have you added your own 3.15 kernel? Does it set "LINUX_VERSION" properly?

> I aded the following line to my config
> # Architecture specific kernel configuration parts, defconfigs for
> Xilinx architectures
> MACHINE_KCONFIG_prepend +=
> "common/linux/${SOC_FAMILY}/defconfig_${@'.'.join(d.getVar('LINUX_VERSION'
> ,
> True).split('.')[0:2]).strip('+')}.cfg "

It will add the file "defconfig_*.cfg" based on the kernel version you are currently using. So if you have added a 3.15 kernel recipe but it still has the "LINUX_VERSION" set to 3.14 or 3.14+ or something, then it will pick the 3.14 config instead of the 3.15. Check to make sure that the LINUX_VERSION variable is set as expected.

Alternatively you can just define your own MACHINE_KCONFIG completely and avoid using the machine-xilinx-default include. As you will most likely have your own settings for most of the variables it sets.


> But the python function find_config_fragments doesn't process the
> defconfig as the first file.
> Is there something I'm missing?
> Best Regards,
> Martin.
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