[meta-xilinx] security patches in the Linux kernel in the meta-xilinx

Sona Sarmadi sona.sarmadi at enea.com
Thu Jul 3 23:22:29 PDT 2014

Thanks Nathan for your quick response.

No problem, we understand and respect your policy. We will keep the security (or other critical) patches we would like to apply/backport to linux-xlnx kernel in our own layer (meta-enea).

Best regards

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> Hi,
> My name is Sona Sarmadi and I am responsible for security in Enea Linux.
> Our goal is to apply security patches to the Linux kernels in our 
> distribution, in order to test and make the patches available for our 
> customers as soon as possible. When we apply a patch, we always build 
> an image (e.g. for Zyng) and run ptest to verify the patch.
> So far we have fixed security patches for chip-vendor-supplied kernels 
> in our own layer "meta-enea", but we would like to change this policy 
> and apply the security patches directly in the hardware-specific layer, e.g.
> "meta-xilinx", and upstream them to the layer maintainers. In this 
> way, others can also get the patch. There are more advantages with 
> fixing the patches in the hardware-specific layer and upstreaming them 
> compared to fixing them in our own meta-enea layer.
> We are very interested in your maintenance policy and your opinion 
> about receiving patches from Enea.

Hi Sona,

In regards to the maintenance policy for the linux-xlnx kernel in the meta-xilinx layer. This kernel is the linux-xlnx kernel that Xilinx provides as part of "Xilinx OSL". In the meta-xilinx layer we directly use this kernel, we avoid patching it within meta-xilinx except under very specific circumstances (e.g. backporting bug fixes).

If you would like to query the policy for linux-xlnx itself or contribute your patches to linux-xlnx contact the git at xilinx.com mailing list.


> Best Regards
> Sona
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> Sona Sarmadi
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