[meta-ti] meta-ti PRU packages + eudev missing recipe issues

Shoghi Effendi Narayanasamy (WMSC-HW) shoghi at willowglen.asia
Thu Apr 14 00:34:22 PDT 2016

hi all

im using am3359 running on a moduleboard (phytec-phycore), in which i need
to compile and use the PRUSS package. im using yocto and followed a manual
to install the the whole meta-ti package as an layer into my yocto source,
but during executing the bitbake to produce the image i get the below

Error: no recipes available for:-


because of this error i also cant compile the PRU package.

i cloned the meta-ti into my source folder from here:-


the manual i followed to add meta ti layer:-


anyway searching in an existing mail archive as below  :-


a user reply the solution as :-

{Two things - it was already fixed almost 2 weeks ago, so you seem to
be using outdated snapshot. Second, use distro that doesn't error out
on unused

And then again, you are trying to mix/match different branches of layers, so
you might have some other weird issues down the road.}

my problem is similiar as my BSP is based on dizzy and i cloned the
meta-ti from master. anyway by reading the existing mail solution i
still cant understand what to do next?? "*how to make the distro to
error out on unused bbapends*??"  i just cloned the meta-ti from the
above address few days ago so im sure it the latest snapshot. My main
goal finally to enable and use the PRUSS package. thanks all in
advanced. hope some light in shed on this matter.


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