[meta-ti] meta-ti/arago support for TI8148

Anders Darander anders at chargestorm.se
Fri Nov 1 01:46:57 PDT 2013

* Denys Dmytriyenko <denys at ti.com> [131029 21:01]:
> On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 10:08:49AM +0200, Anders Darander wrote:
> > Hi,

> > I've got a customer using a dm8148 SoC, and though I'm not yet tasked
> > with helping them with the build system (I've got some lower level task
> > I'm helping them with), I suspect that it's just a matter of time before
> > they ask me to help setup their build environment.

> > I know that there was a commit in ~April that removed TI8148 from
> > meta-ti, stated that this machine were no longer supported. However,
> > from that commit message I can't really conclude whether it was
> > supported and working up until that, or if it had been non-functioning
> > for quite some time.

> > Has there been working support for TI8184 in meta-ti (i.e. after the
> > move to a oe-core based setup)? Or is the last supported version found
> > elsewhere?

> > To summarise my question; what's the latest version that
> > supports/supported the TI8184? meta-ti, meta-arago, arago, or where?
> > I'd be happy for any pointers regarding this. 

> Anders,

> The last supported kernel version for TI8148 was 2.6.37. There was still some 
> work being done to fix reported issues (look around arago-project.org repos), 
> but no new versions were planned or worked on. 

Sure, I didn't expect any newer kernel then 2.6.37. (As that was
customary for most vendors at that point in time).

> One of the biggest reasons to remove the support from meta-ti/danny
> was due to everyone expecting to get it updated to 3.x (which wasn't
> happening) and also because we were starting to see more and more
> incompatibilities between 2.6.37 kernel and new toolchains and new
> userspace system tools, like udev/systemd etc.

Fair enough.

I was only hoping that someone could point to a release / src-rev in
meta-arago that should have been working. (It be nice to work using
something oe-core based).

> So, your best bet would be to either start with a corresponding EzSDK for that 
> platform, or try to match toolchain and userspace that was available around 
> the time 2.6.37 was relevant...

Ok, then I guess that the best bet would be to look at the arago
project, prior to the move to oe-core / Yocto based arago...


Anders Darander
ChargeStorm AB / eStorm AB

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