[meta-ti] Prabindh Sundareson : libgles-omap3: Remove copying of unused header files

Arago Project git git at arago-project.org
Fri Jun 21 11:54:28 PDT 2013

Module: meta-ti
Branch: master
Commit: c4fa819032cba531d65c53b1335ff2a628236cab
URL:    http://arago-project.org/git/meta-ti.git?a=commit;h=c4fa819032cba531d65c53b1335ff2a628236cab

Author: Prabindh Sundareson <prabu at ti.com>
Date:   Wed Jun 12 23:10:38 2013 +0530

libgles-omap3: Remove copying of unused header files

Current recipe copies lot of headers that are unused, including
unsupported files for OpenVG. This patch removes copying of such files.

Signed-off-by: Prabindh Sundareson <prabu at ti.com>
Signed-off-by: Denys Dmytriyenko <denys at ti.com>


 recipes-graphics/libgles/libgles-omap3-no-x.inc |    9 +++------
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/recipes-graphics/libgles/libgles-omap3-no-x.inc b/recipes-graphics/libgles/libgles-omap3-no-x.inc
index 9dc7cc8..094ad81 100644
--- a/recipes-graphics/libgles/libgles-omap3-no-x.inc
+++ b/recipes-graphics/libgles/libgles-omap3-no-x.inc
@@ -133,12 +133,9 @@ do_install () {
 	cp -pPR ${S}/GFX_Linux_KM/include4 ${D}${includedir}/
 	cp -pPR ${S}/GFX_Linux_KM/services4 ${D}${includedir}/
-	cp -pPR ${S}/GFX_Linux_SDK/OGLES2/SDKPackage/Builds/OGLES2/Include/* ${D}${includedir}/
-	cp -pPR ${S}/GFX_Linux_SDK/OGLES/SDKPackage/Builds/OGLES/Include/* ${D}${includedir}/
-	cp -pPR ${S}/GFX_Linux_SDK/OGLES/SDKPackage/Builds/OGLES/${PLATFORM}/Include/GLES/* ${D}${includedir}/GLES/ 2>/dev/null || true
-	cp -pPr ${S}/GFX_Linux_SDK/OGLES2/SDKPackage/Builds/OGLES2/${PLATFORM}/Include/GLES/* ${D}${includedir}/GLES2/ 2>/dev/null || true
-	cp -pPr ${S}/include/*.h ${D}${includedir} || true
-	cp -pPr ${S}/include/wsegl/*.h ${D}${includedir} || true
+	cp -pPr ${S}/include/pvr2d/*.h ${D}${includedir}
+	cp -pPr ${S}/include/OGLES2/* ${D}${includedir}/
+	cp -pPr ${S}/include/wsegl/*.h ${D}${includedir}/
 	install -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/
 	cp -pP ${WORKDIR}/rc.pvr ${D}${sysconfdir}/init.d/pvr-init

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