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On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 10:09 PM, Sundareson, Prabindh <prabu at ti.com<mailto:prabu at ti.com>> wrote:
Are you asking about the status in general (ie, outside of the yocto infrastructure) ? In general, eglfs,kms has been proven working for more than a year now.

Within meta-ti, eglfs should work if the display driver is available (fb or drm). The only reason I stopped at "minimal" on Beaglebone was because the "display" driver part was not integrated at that time on Beaglebone (in meta-ti) and hence OpenGL ES driver couldn't be installed.

well, thanks for the quick answer. yes, i meant within OE, using meta-qt5. it's good to know that it's working outside of it, though.

do you have instructions (conf files + scripts) to run Qt5 + eglfs (and kms) as platform driver?


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