[meta-ti] [PATCH] libgles-omap3: Add new version.

Cooper Jr., Franklin fcooper at ti.com
Mon Sep 17 16:55:52 PDT 2012


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Op 3 sep. 2012, om 12:13 heeft "Cooper Jr., Franklin" <fcooper at ti.com> het volgende geschreven:

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> Op 3 sep. 2012, om 11:41 heeft Franklin S. Cooper Jr <fcooperjr27 at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:
>> * Add a new version of the Graphics SDK. There are a few changes in 
>> the  Graphics SDK that need to be investigated to determine if it 
>> impacts  someone who is trying to use X11. This recipe should work 
>> fine  for non X11 users. Therefore, the DEFAULT_PREFERENCE will be -1 
>> until  it is clear that X11 users arent negatively impacted and any 
>> needed  changes in libgles-omap3.inc are made.
> What's the timeframe for such tests?
> I plan on leaving the DEFAULT_PREFERENCE at -1 until we can ensure that X11 issues are sorted out. I am not even sure if there really is an issue.. All I know is libpvrPVR2D_X11WSEGL OpenGLES2 was being used in the 4.05 version but no longer exists in this newer version. The only version of libpvrPVR2D_X11WSEGL that exist is for OpenVG. I was told by the graphics team that libpvrPVR2D_X11WSEGL is deprecated and libpvrPVR2D_DRIWSEGL should be used instead. Is this a non issue?

Here's my limited understanding of the wsegl stuff:

X11wsegl is a 'dumb' way to make it work with x11. It will tell X11 the rect coordinates to draw a window border and nothing more. The rendering still happens to the framebuffer. No context locking, nothing.
Driwsegl uses DRI for rendering and need a proper Xorg module to work, it features locking and stuff so you can have multiple clients. 

Roger Monk had it working a few months ago on omap4, but I don't know what he had to do to make it work. I hope it is as simple as rebuilding the sgxkernel modules with SUPPORT_XORG=1 (actually dri) and installing the binary Xorg module.



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