[meta-ti] [PATCH 1/2] linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: sgx fix from PSP + dvi cape audio fix

Koen Kooi koen at dominion.thruhere.net
Tue May 29 14:18:39 PDT 2012

Op 29 mei 2012, om 22:57 heeft Denys Dmytriyenko het volgende geschreven:

>> This patch is again out of order, as I don't have any of the above (0059-0061) -
> are those in your personal tree? Are you going to submit those? Or do you want 
> me to massage this one out of order?
> Also, the M_K_PR went back to "a" for some reason...

I'd blame gmail smtp servers if I wasn't such an idiot :) You can get the complete series from https://github.com/Angstrom-distribution/meta-ti/commits/angstrom-staging

I'll create a seperate branch for you to pull for each request in the future.



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