[meta-ti] meta-ti and poky

Gyorgy Kovesdi kgy at teledigit.eu
Fri May 25 00:45:15 PDT 2012


I just cloned Poky, and have my first running yocto build for Beagleboard-C4 without any problem.
I tried to add meta-ti, but bitbake gives this error message for all targets:

ERROR: Failure expanding variable FILESPATH, expression was ${@base_set_filespath([ "/home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti/recipes-ti/local-power-manager/ti-local-power-manager-1_1_24_02_09-${MACHINE_KERNEL_PR}e", "/home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti/recipes-ti/local-power-manager/ti-local-power-manager-1_24_02_09", "/home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti/recipes-ti/local-power-manager/ti-local-power-manager", "/home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti/recipes-ti/local-power-manager/ti-local-power-manager-1_24_02_09", "/home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti/recipes-ti/local-power-manager/ti-local-power-manager", "/home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti/recipes-ti/local-power-manager/files", "/home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti/recipes-ti/local-power-manager" ], d)} which triggered exception SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal (FILESPATH, line 1)                                                            
ERROR: Command execution failed: Exited with 1

Unfortunately, i could not find the reason.
my bblayers.conf file:

# LAYER_CONF_VERSION is increased each time build/conf/bblayers.conf
# changes incompatibly
  /home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta \
  /home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-yocto \
  /home/kgy/work/Yoctoproject/Poky/meta-ti \

What can be wrong here?

Another question is the current state of Beagleboard support here. I found some mails about it, but
reportedly it is not fully supported here. I see that some recipes are written for Angstrom project.
Is it possible to get running libgles-omap3 here? I used it for Angstrom, but it works only with 2.6 kernels .

Many Thanx
Gyorgy Kovesdi

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