[meta-ti] Pandaboard & meta-ti

Eric Bénard eric at eukrea.com
Tue Apr 17 05:21:29 PDT 2012


I've tried to build a xfce-nm-image for a Pandaboard (ES in the present
case) and it boots fine with the generated MLO, u-boot & uImage but I
don't manage to get a video output on both HDMI connectors : is there
something special to do here ?
(Same thing with systemd-image : I don't get any framebuffer output)

Also, it seems that the sdcard_image failed to build : is there a
specific setting to get the sdcard_image for Pandaboard which would
avoid to have to manually create the SDCard's partitions ?

Last question : why does conf/machine/include/omap4.inc require
conf/machine/include/tune-cortexa8.inc instead of tune-cortexa9 ?


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