[meta-freescale] The correct way to manage system clock time

Mauro Ziliani mauro at faresoftware.it
Sun Mar 10 12:52:55 PDT 2019

Hi all.

I'm working with Krogoth over an imx6dlsabresd derived board. The rtc is
a ds1307.

Which is the right management of the system clock?

The system clock is setup in /etc/default/rcS as UTC=yes

If I type the command 'date' in a terminal i get

[1] March 10, 19:43 UTC 2019

[2] I try to set March 10, 23:00 with command 'date 03102300' to set date.

Then I look if the setup is ok and it is. The date is the same I set.

I reboot the system, and the date/time has the right vaule.

When I try the date command, the clock come back a the value 19:43, the
value [1].


Best regards,


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