[meta-freescale] Custom frames are being dropped on Management Complex/DPAA2 driver of LS1088-ARDB

john matt john.matt2022 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 19:40:41 PST 2019

HI NXP gurus,

I need your insight and suggestions on the following problem.

I created following a custom ethernet frame, and I am using raw sockets to
send/receive them using standard Linux. I built sender/receiver using
standard Linux raw socket functions, and sender/receiver works perfectly on
standard Linux machine.

When I run my receiver on LS1088-ARDB distro built using Yocto, I am not
getting any packets at all.  I am thinking that Management Complex/DPAA2
driver is dropping my custom packets. Any ideas/

[image: image.png]
Thank you all in advance,

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