[meta-freescale] Adding custom machine / dts files

Wiholm, Willie ActeSE Willie.wiholm at acte.se
Sat Jan 12 06:34:26 PST 2019

Hello guys,

(Sorry if i sent this in multiple lists)

I'm trying to build an image for an custom board that is based in the imx6dlsabresd, but I'm not sure how to add the custom dts files properly.

First i built the kernel and created a patch in arch/arm/boot/dts where i added my files.

Then I created a meta-custom layer, in which i created :


and the bbappend points to my patch.

Then i created my own machine that is a copy of the imx6dlsabre in conf/machine/custom.conf

My question is, is this the right approach? The goal is to build full images like "fsl-image-qt5" but I'm facing errors with core-image-minimal :

No recipes available for:

So i believe I'm making some fundamental errors.

Any tips appreciated!

Best Regards,


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