[meta-freescale] Fixing imx-vpu-hantro header installation

Carlos Rafael Giani dv at pseudoterminal.org
Tue Jul 31 09:13:11 PDT 2018

I was actually working on a patch myself. I could send that in during 
the next few days.


On 2018-07-31 17:33, Tom Hochstein wrote:
> Thanks, Carlos, we will fix these issues.
> Does this require an immediate fix, or can it wait until our next upstreaming?
> Tom
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>> Subject: [meta-freescale] Fixing imx-vpu-hantro header installation
>> Currently, the headers from imx-vpu-hantro are installed in the ${includedir}
>> directory, which is /usr/include/ in Yocto.
>> This is bad, because there are multiple headers, and none of them have names
>> that are distinguishable enough. There are headers called codec.h, version.h,
>> util.h for example.
>> Placing multiple headers into /usr/include/ that belong to a specific library or
>> package is not good. In the Unix world, it is generally considered good practice
>> to place such headers in a subdirectory instead.
>> I would recommend doing that here as well. Let the imx-vpu-hantro recipe
>> create a "hantro/" or "imx-vpu-hantro/" subdirectory in ${includedir}, and install
>> the headers there. I realize that the imx-vpuwrap and imx-gst1.0-plugin recipes
>> expect the headers to be in ${includedir}, but this can be circumvented by adding
>> an include path command line flag to their CFLAGS. I think this is preferable over
>> keeping these headers in the main include directory.
>> Also, the preprocessor definitions that the top level makefile selects are not
>> specified in any header. Typically, such options are recorded in something like
>> config.h so that code that uses the library can use #ifdef to make sure its code
>> matches. For example, there is the USE_EXTERNAL_BUFFER macro, which is
>> enabled in the toplevel makefile.
>> This macro enables additional fields in several C structs, so knowing whether or
>> not imx-vpu-hantro was build with this macro is important.
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