[meta-freescale] WEIM - bus device in Yocto 2.4 with Linux 4.14

Keskinarkaus, Teemu teemu.keskinarkaus at crosscontrol.com
Tue Jan 30 21:59:13 PST 2018


Not directly meta-freescale related, but hopefully not too much inconvenience and someone here could help me with this one.

I have i.MX6Q based system that is currently running Yocto 2.2 and Linux-fslc-imx kernel version 4.1.x.

I've been doing some testing with Yocto 2.4 and Linux-fslc kernel version 4.14.

I've gotten system running quite good already. Problem is WEIM-bus. We have FPGA in WEIM - bus so I have configured it in device tree file(s).

On 4.1.x it works just fine, but on 4.14 the devices are not there. If I look /sys - directory both kernels has the devices listed under /sys/firmware, but only older kernel has them listed under /sys/devices -directory. I'm assuming that is the reason why driver doesn't run the probe-function either, because there is no device for it.

Both kernels have config CONFIG_IMX_WEIM - compiled in so I'm running out of ideas why the devices won't appear on newer kernel although they are listed in device tree.

I configure the WEIM bus same way for both kernels in their respected device tree files. I couldn't see from documentation that the device tree configuration would have changed in those parts. I'm wondering is the difference here now between linux-fslc-imx and linux-fslc - kernels? If the difference is there, then how I'm supposed to use WEIM in linux-fslc - kernel? I'm running out of ideas.

I've done all the testing on same HW so HW differences don't explain the differences in SW.



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