[meta-freescale] iMX7 ethernet problem on Linux 4.14, NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 (fec): transmit queue 1 timed out

Fabio Estevam festevam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 05:00:22 PST 2018

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 10:46 AM, alpha_one_x86
<alpha_one_x86 at first-world.info> wrote:
> Hi,
> With direct + forward trafic with iperf3 on Linux 4.14 I have NETDEV
> WATCHDOG: eth0 (fec): transmit queue 1 timed out.
> Hardware: IOT-GATE-iMX7, compulab,NXP i.MX 7Dual ARM Cortex-A7
> See the attached file. How fix it?

Please report this issue at netdev at vger.kernel.org on a plain text format.

Also copy the FEC driver maintainer. You can get his email by doing:
./scripts/get_maintainer.pl drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fec_main.c


Fabio Estevam

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