[meta-freescale] Preferred kernel for mx7 machine

Matija Tuđan mtudan at mobilisis.hr
Thu Aug 23 04:54:25 PDT 2018


What is the recommended kernel tree for i.MX7 based machines?

The linux-imx repo from codeaurora has the 4.9.88 as newest version:

Additionally, mx7 is not set as compatible machine in linux-fslc_4.17.bb recipe which is based on linux-fslc repo:
which should be forked from mainline kernel repo.

But I have tested the linux-stable repo and 4.18.y version and it works fine:

What are the key differences between codeaurora's repo which provides older kernel version and linux-fslc/linux-stable repos.
Which repo should be used when dealing with i.MX7 based machines?

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