[meta-freescale] How to manage the upcoming U-Bootrelease

Kursad Oney CW koney at mmm.com
Mon Jul 10 08:50:35 PDT 2017

> Hello everyone,
Hello Otavio,

> The U-Boot 2017.07 release brings some nice improvements everywhere
> but one which is going to provide a great opportunity for us is the
> i.MX6 SabreSD and i.MX6 SabreAUTO (in our fork) support.

> This allows for us to have a single build which works on i.MX6
> QuadPlus, Quad, Dual, DualLite and Solo. Besides build time, this
> allows for a better user experience as it reduces the amount of images
> need to download to test different SoCs. This however causes one
> problem with the NXP official BSP as it uses an older version it does
> not have the SPL support so I see two possibilities here:
> - we don't merge the machine files
Is this option to keep imx6[q,qp,dl,solo]sabresd.conf configs and add a
new one that is something like imx6-spl-sabresd.conf?

> - we merge it and NXP keeps them split on their release layer
> What is your opinion about it?

I think option #2 sounds cleaner and it's more beneficial to people doing
their own spl-based designs since it's easier to find and follow. It also
would make using SPL the default for a lot of new designs which is
probably a good thing.

Also who knows, it might nudge NXP to merge their stuff and use SPL too.

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