[meta-freescale] building core-image-minimal fort1042d4rdb* failsbuilding hypervisor

Kursad Oney CW koney at mmm.com
Sat Jul 8 18:01:07 PDT 2017


>   to make a long story (hopefully) short, i was trying to build both
> the 32- and 64-bit versions of t1042d4rdb, and both failed in exactly
> the same place, trying to build the hypervisor recipe, so i'm open to
> suggestions (this is on a fully-updated fedora system):
> [...truncated...]
> | /home/rpjday/oe/builds/t1042d4rdb-64b/tmp/work/ppc64e5500-poky-linux/hypervisor/git-r3/git/libos/lib/sprintf.c: In function 'sprintf':
> | /home/rpjday/oe/builds/t1042d4rdb-64b/tmp/work/ppc64e5500-poky-linux/hypervisor/git-r3/git/libos/lib/sprintf.c:459:6: error: specified bound 18446744073709551615 exceeds maximum object size 9223372036854775807 [-Werror=format-truncation=]
> |   int ret = vsnprintf(buf, ULONG_MAX, str, args);
> |       ^~~
> | cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

I think gcc is complaining about ULONG_MAX being the size argument.
Since vsnprintf() returns int, it can print at most LONG_MAX characters to
the buffer. I'd probably just change that argument to LONG_MAX.

I believe the format-truncation flag is a gcc 7 thing.

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