[meta-freescale] USB dual-role behavior with USB-C?

Takashi Matsuzawa tmatsuzawa at xevo.com
Fri Dec 8 02:38:05 PST 2017

Just in case if you already have pointer or experience with this, any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Some of the recent boards has USB-C socket for USB-OTG port, and I wonder how I can try the following steps (USB-OTG dual-role behavior testing) with USB-C sockets.


The steps involves micro-A and micro-B plugs, but for my board only USB-C plug can be inserted.
(I tried C-C cable to connect two boards, but nothing happened - both of the boards stayed in gadget role, neither becoming the host).

I have confirmed my board can act as host (can detect a device attached and shown on lsusb output) or gadget (by loading mass storage driver, it can be shown as external disk from my PC).
(Well, however these behaviors are not stable yet.)


- How can I conduct test steps outlined in chipidea.txt memo.
How can I interpret it with UCB-C ports or is there alternative test steps?

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