[meta-freescale] yocto playbin pipeline can not display subtitle

louwuxin louwuxin at yeah.net
Tue Jul 26 21:24:16 PDT 2016

Dear meta-freescale,

I found a issue that playbin can not display some subtitle stream, if it already fix, please ignore this mail.

BSP environment:
2.0 - codename Jethro(imx6)

Issue describe:
when I run the pipeline like this: gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:/xxx.videofile
If the video file include subtitle stream, the video playing with '*' instead the word of subtitle. At last, I found that the subtitle used utf8 coded, it will be display normally.

Fix describe:
I search the issue on imx community, and found "current imx6 bsp, not only ltib but also yocto couldn't support subtitle."

But when I changed demux plugin from 'aiurdemux' to 'qtdemux', I found it will be work well. so I find out the difference between 'aiurdemux' and 'qtdemux', and try to changed 'aiurdemux', now it will be work well with subtitle.

The iusse was that display subtitle plugin 'textoverlay' only accept utf8 coded subtitle stream, but 'aiurdemux' send out some other coded subtitle streams, if 'textoverlay' can not process subtitle streams, it will be print '*'. So I add a function in ‘aiurdemux’ do that translate other coded subtitle to utf8 coded subtitle.

Refer to the attachment.

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