[meta-freescale] [meta-fsl-arm PATCH 1/3] linux-fslc-imx: Bump revision to 77f6154

Otavio Salvador otavio at ossystems.com.br
Thu Jul 14 10:09:18 PDT 2016

This merges the 4.1.15-1.2.0 GA release onto the Linux FSLC fork. It
includes following changes:

77f6154 MLK-12948 ARM: dts: imx7d-sdb: change the hardware reset gpio for mipi dsi
042fabd MLK-12946 media: pxp-v4l2: correct the 32 bpp pixel format passed to pxp
801b839 mmc: mmc: fix switch timeout issue caused by jiffies precision
38ed99e mmc: core: fix __mmc_switch timeout caused by preempt
c6c8f8d MLK-12934-2 mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: do not touch other bit when config DTOCV
6905ad8 MLK-12934-1 mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: correct the max timeout count
a7f1dc6 MLK-12944 fix makefile miss imx7d-12x12-lpddr3-arm2-pcie.dtb
470f930 MLK-12935 ARM: imx: switch system counter clock to 32K in suspend
d86edca MLK-12902: usdhc: Revert "MLK-11685-5 mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: no need busfreq for imx6qdl"
fc72198 MLK-12899-2 video: mipi_dsi_samsung: add panel 'TFT3P5581' driver.
e01451b MLK-12899-1 ARM: dts: imx7d-sdb: add dts support for panel 'TFT3P5581'.
9a38200 MLK-12901-3 video: mipi_dsi_samsung: alwasy use video mode to transfer data and cmds.
c88b735 MLK-12901-2 video: mipi_dsi_samsung: add 10msec delay after all the pkt write operation.
f154b5e MLK-12901-1 video: mipi_dsi_samsung: correct the hardware reset calling position.
30b8226 MLK_12886-2 video: mxsfb: handle the assert gpio in driver to support deferred probe
f0fdb61 MLK-12886-1 ARM: dts: imx7d-sdb: the assert gpio for lcdif should be active low
c1d7c35 MLK-12898: ov5640 mipi: Add more delay to wait sensor stable
bbe0e5a MLK-12880 arm: dts: imx7d: correct the PAD_GPIO1_IO01 pin ctrl setting
c29dda8 MLK-12876: mipi csi: Remove regulator enable code when driver probe
d95d2e8 MLK-12860-4 usb: chipidea: imx: add HSIC support for imx7d
abc9926 MLK-12860-3 ARM: imx: gpcv2: add reg_1p2's notifier
85d2f3f MLK-12860-2 ARM: dts: add imx7d 12x12 ARM2 ddr3 board dts
b104675 MLK-12860-1 ARM: dts: imx7d: add vcc-supply at gpc node
e28ae27 MLK-12861-2 ARM: imx: enable necessary clock for RDC resume on i.mx7d
02a2e8d MLK-12861-1 ARM: imx: support runtime clock management on i.mx7d when M4 is enabled
059449a MGS-1851 [#2332] fix the integer id resource leak
7b3c314 MLK-12795 pinctrl: imx: fix initialization of imx_pinctrl_desc
1c60143 MLK-12781 ARM: dts: imx7d-12x12-lpddr3-arm2: add pinctrl for usb vbus
aca1386 MLK-12695 dma: pxp-v2: fixing the mismatch calls of pm_runtime suspend/resume
3455774 MLK-12669-2 dma: pxp-v3: add 'ipg' and 'axi' clocks
9e04de3 MLK-12699-1 ARM: imx7d: clk: add two clocks definition for pxp
2b25e7d MLK-12622: mtd: gpmi: fix the issue in legacy bch support
c479a94 MLK-12602: Documentation: gpmi-nand: legacy bch geometry option for NAND
5102a01 MLK-12601: mtd: gpmi: provide the option to use legacy bch geometry
30c1b15 MLK-12421 usb: chipidea: fix build warning if disable CONFIG_USB_CHIPIDEA_HOST
a49b611 MLK-12509-3 video: mipi_dsi_samsung: add build support for TFT3P5079E panel.
0038221 MLK-12509-2 video: mipi_dsi_samsung: add 'TFT3P5079E' panel driver.
e3a5bdf MLK-12509-1 video: mipi_dsi_samsung: create a new dts for mipi dsi.
83f0dd3 MLK-12449: mtd: gpmi: fix integer overflow issue
4198b7b MLK-12448: mtd: gpmi: fix nand double free issue
8b38103 MLK-12371: ARM: imx: suspend-imx7: correct HW_ANADIG_SNVS_MISC_CTRL set
5db98a4 MLK-12420 fix potential head list corruption.
e6ea96a MLK-12731-2 ARM: dts: Makefile: add dts entry for imx6q-arm2-hsic
b1e060d MLK-12731-1 usb: chipidea: imx: add missing HSIC initialization for imx6qdl/sl
3268392 MLK-12688-02: arm dts: Add csis-clk-settle property
9504f74 MLK-12688-01: mipi csi: Add clk_settle setting
517f750 MLK-12432-03: arm: dts: Replace ov5647 mipi sensor with ov5640
488fd31 MLK-12432-02: capture: Add support for mipi input
c02abe7 MLK-12432-01: ov5640 mipi: support more platform and reduce support mode
9f0881f MLK-12763 ARM: imx7d: iomux: correct uart input sel option value
07c9f26 MLK-12765 ARM: imx: make sure DLL is locked on i.MX7D
a38a53d MLK-12748-3 ARM: imx: adjust imx7d lpddr3 retention exit flow
adfc24c MLK-12748-2 ARM: imx: remove IOMUXC GPR setting for i.mx7d TO1.2
07184c5 MLK-12748-1 ARM: dts: imx7d: correct usdhc1 cd pin setting
8ad5988 MLK-12761 ARM: imx: add mu as wakeup source for i.mx7d
cf0a95b MLK-11262-5: ARM: imx: Change A7 MU ready timing

Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio at ossystems.com.br>

 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx/defconfig    | 8 +++++---
 recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb | 4 ++--
 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx/defconfig b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx/defconfig
index df7d7f4..5742425 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx/defconfig
+++ b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx/defconfig
@@ -144,10 +144,10 @@ CONFIG_USB_RTL8150=m
 # CONFIG_RTL_CARDS is not set
@@ -254,6 +254,8 @@ CONFIG_FB_MXC_SYNC_PANEL=y
diff --git a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb
index 7014134..445db76 100644
--- a/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb
+++ b/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx_4.1-1.0.x.bb
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
 # Released under the MIT license (see COPYING.MIT for the terms)
 SUMMARY = "FSL Community BSP i.MX6 Linux kernel with backported features and fixes"
-DESCRIPTION = "Linux kernel based on NXP 4.1.15-1.0.0 GA release, used by FSL Community BSP in order to \
+DESCRIPTION = "Linux kernel based on NXP 4.1.15-1.2.0 GA release, used by FSL Community BSP in order to \
 provide support for i.MX6 based platforms and include official Linux kernel stable updates, backported \
 features and fixes coming from the vendors, kernel community or FSL Community itself."
@@ -11,6 +11,6 @@ include linux-fslc.inc
 PV .= "+git${SRCPV}"
 SRCBRANCH = "4.1-1.0.x-imx"
-SRCREV = "960f493cce161ddc2ba3ffe82c061496e5771829"
+SRCREV = "3477bd7c6da28563567d4cce98582ea6b21f354e"

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